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Distressed Paint
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This finish has a subtle texture achieved by the application of several layers of different color paint, then distressing the finish by using a pull off technique. This works as a finish for walls and also on furniture.
Aged and Distressed Paint
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This is a variation of the pull off technique using different colors, then glazing the finish with an aging technique. It works well as a process to antique furniture or as a finish on molding.

Pearlized Texture [taupe]
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This texture has an iridescent luster and can be tinted with desired color and applied with endless textures . This finish was tinted taupe and applied like palette art.
Ovila Plaster with Distressed Art
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It appears that you brought your favorite wall that you saw in Europe back home with you. Show us a photo and it can be in your home. This finish with or without art is beautiful in a variety of earth tone colors.

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Marble with Textured Broken Stucco
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We used an acrylic base mixture containing court stone and applied plaster in a broken stucco fashion to reveal a marblized faux finish with earth tone colors. Luxurious and durable. Another example of how Custom Illusions can customize a finish for your home.

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