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Old World Textures, Venetian Plasters, Frescos, Stone Faux Finishes

Randy Roya specializes in custom faux and decorative finishes, and Interior Painting. His extensive portfolio includes styles that range from a soft subtle “Rag” finish to the look of Stacked Limestone, Field Stone or Bricks of any colour to display the geographic region of the piece’s origin..
If your style can be found in the beauty of  “Old World” you’ll
appreciate Randy Roya's Frescos, Marbleizing, leathering, crackle and metallic finishes, including: distressed gold, bronze and Patina along with OVila, Venetian Plaster and varying styles of wood graining.
What is Faux?

Faux is the French word for false. Faux finishing is a form of decorative painting that seeks to reproduce the look of real stone, marble or wood with paint. Faux finishing was first used extensively in the 17th Century, in the castles of Europe. By the 19th Century, decorative painters were in high demand as they decorated homes with trompe l'oeil, marbleizing, stenciling and all manner of glazes and patinas. A few turn of the century homes still display some of this original decorative painting.
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Please feel free to browse our site. Be sure to visit our gallery and view our various textures and finishes. If you are looking for a strikingly original and innovative approach to all styles of painting and faux finishing techniques call Randy Roya for a consultation today 0418 599 614
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